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AnDre' Tucker

Quick, Easy, and Satisfied with no hassle & no contracts and that's the way I like things!

Jonathan Gallegos

Very helpful. Alex has helped me and my husband so much and has been there every step of the way on getting us set up for our move. Great help and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Ashton White

This service made setting everything up super easy! I would use them again in a heartbeat.

Tracy Matcham

Lizette is wonderful. She was very knowledgeable and this was the easiest and fastest way to get everything I need set up without disrupting my day. Thank you, I highly recommend these services.

Cornelia Coleman

I really love this

Dana Christine Traxler

Quick and easy. Much appreciated this took to assist in moving process.

Dawn Kelly

Sydney was so helpful and was able to set up all my utilities for my move. This gave me time to focus on other things with no worry!!

Karla Correa

5 stars!

Marcus Graves

Five Stars.


Your service is excellent

Kristina Chung

Jack Sommers was very helpful. He even played phone tag with me for 3 days and didn't get frustrated. Once I finally decided which services I wanted he got it set up within minutes. He is very knowledgeable on what you need and made helpful suggestions as to the plans he thought fit me best. I would recommend him.

Kellie Larez

They made the transition so much smoother.

Shari Field

This was the easiest experience! Jason was very helpful in setting up my utiliities as we were unfamiliar with the area. He made recommendations for internet services that would suit our needs based on the services that the 2 companies we had to choose from. We had no worries that things would be taken care of in 1 phone call. There was great follow up with phone, text, and email Highly recommend!

Andrew Mobley

Quick and easy. Didn't have to worry about setting up utilities for a new apartment at all. 5 minutes on my utilities and I was set up with the best options for my location. Will be using again for future moves.

Chelsi Yates

5 stars

Robert Lehrman

Shannell was courteous, friendly and professional. Totally had my back. Excellent customer service. Thank you Shannell.

Vicky Keno

Yes I would recommend family and friends to My Utilities because I had a great Agent who works with me with no problem or issues and if I get anything wrong with the information he gave me he was very kind and humble and his name was Dillon don't know last name but yes I would recommend family or friends.

David L.

Shawn helped me through the whole process and was patient with us. Made our first home move in a breeze .

Shanice Boyd

Very helpful and time-saving

Kate Yarter

Alex at My Utilities was AMAZING!! She was super attentive, kind, quick and patient! I have an incurable, terminal disease and Alex and this service truly helps people like me! Alex has EXCEPTIONAL customer service skills and I would recommend her to anyone needing this service! Thanks, Alex! It's people like YOU who give me a "quality of life!" :o)