What our Users Say

About My Utilities

Shareefah Gonzalez

Took me about 10 minutes or less both times I’ve use them. Love this company

Jacqueline Gregg

Cliff was a excellent and friendly rep he kept in contact with me on time every time we needed to speak he was amazing

Christopher Mullenix

Fast and easy, great to work with. They made our move so much easier. Thanks Umovefree for the referral

Robert Wilken

I don't know how I would have done it without them.

Tony Xenakis

Alex was extremely helpful and knowledge. She looked into all of my best options and found the best solution for me! I could not have done this without her. Thank you!


Very helpful with assistanting me with my move.

Morgan Myers

I was so surprised to find out this service existed. I had a great experience with them. They missed on one of my utilities- the gas company didn't actually service my house, but it was such an easy fix. Definitely worth the peace of mind.

Miriam Velez

Excelente personal. Dispuestos a buscar las mejores ofertas y pagos!

Linda Wilson

5 Stars

Rochelle Makela-Kretchmar

Cameron kept in contact with me and was able to answer all of my questions successfully. Well done!

Linda Fetters

Thanks for making moving so easy!!

Zoila Emilia Subero Zamora

This guys was amazing. Kiera help me everything and when I was scare about electricity companies she helped me the best, when I said that in technical terms I wasn’t able to understand their terms and conditions they put me a Spanish speaker to understand better all the importance things. Super great.


Fast and easy

Cornelia Coleman

I really love this

Loreal Alford

Lizette was super helpful and resourceful!

Frank Covarrubias

I love that you guys help us with our utilities less stress for myself and family. Thank you for being so helpful.. Thank you much!!!😀

Shonda Charles

Shawn was wonderful to talk with! He was very knowledgeable, helpful, and offered excellent customer service. Even his work partner was knowledgeable of the services I needed. I had the opportunity to speak with Shawn on numerous occasions, and the overall experience was pleasant. I wish customer service could be found everywhere like this!! My utilities should be the poster child for how it should be done.

Jose Castillo

Very good customer services, especially Lisette Martinez, helped me find my electric, gas and insurance car service. Before I moved from Boston to Dallas, I recommend it with 5 stars.

Staci Perry

Makes moving so much easier, I love this company!

Cynthia R.

What an easy process! Thank you so much!