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About My Utilities

Jason Stover

Excellent turn key service for our move from Austin to Dallas. I’ve never lived in a unregulated area for utilities and was quite overwhelmed. Jack was amazing and did all the work. I would recommend these guys to anyone!!

Jacque Gunn

Sydney was so very helpful, with me moving from California to Texas I needed information on several things and she was able to handle them all and in a timely manor. I appreciate her work.


Was REALLY easy and loved how smooth it was. Saved me so much time and headache.

Teresa J.

It is convenient to have one person coordinate all of the utilities.

Antonio Munoz

Kept us on track for setting up utilities and got answers to our questions so we would have all services available when we moved in. Very helpful! However, it was unclear at the beginning what their role was in the process, so I thought I was placing an order directly with the utility company and it was actually through My Utilities. This just needs to be explained more clearly so the client knows who they're dealing with and what to expect.

Donald C.

No done yet but was nice to have all info in one place

Darryl S.

Did an awesome Job!!!!!!!!

Clinton Keeton

I tried calling the ISP to setup my internet... That was a mistake. Somehow the entire conversation turned into how I need their full home automation security system... this, that, and whatever else. So I hung up. I called My Utilities. Quick. Simple. Easy. That’s what matters. I used them to setup my internet for 1 big reason; because they aren’t salesmen. They don’t bombard you with addons, packages, or upsells unlike having to call into the ISP yourself. My rep, Cliff, was awesome. 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

Susan Parker

Sydney made it so easy! Moving is hard enough and she’s made it so convenient and taken several items off my “to-do” list with one simple phone call. Thank you!

Beth Sanders Roberts

So easy!!!! I have moved a lot, and it’s always a headache getting everything set up. One simple phone call and it was all done with MyUtilities.

Monica Lobos

Es la primera vez que trabajo con sus servicios me parecio extraordinario. Me ayudaron mucho. Gracias y espero que este equipo de trabajo crezca.

Nick Haneberg

David was very professional and patient, explaining everything and the process that would be needed for a first time user. They helped me a lot!

Tracey Kennedy

Shawn has gone above and above in helping us with an already stressful process. He has been very thorough and knowledgeable about all the services in our new area. Shawn helped us get set up w everything we need and even saved us some money! Thank you Shawn !

Abi Feseha

Working with My Utilities was extremely easy and straight forward. They lifted the burden of having to research for the best utilities (from both a price and quality perspective) while dealing with closing a home. Alex Hill was a gem and everything was ready to go on our closing day. I would recommend My Utilities to anyone moving to a new home or buying a new property.

Allan Fernandes

Called by the owner and he was diligent in setting up the kind of Sevice I needed according to my budget. Thank you Jack!

Muchael W.

Shawn was great thanks again.


Natalie is a true professional, had a solid answer to every question I had !!!! Took care of us


Very helpful. Made things easier

Jill Gamble

This service is so helpful and Sydney was so easy to work with.

Sraya Fears

My representative Kieria was amazing! So polite, profesional, and knowledgeable about all the services offered. I will definitely use my utilities services again, I can only pray I'd be blessed to get Kieria Again!